Urban Tool holster kind of makes you look like a tool

So these bags are designed in various wacky shapes and sizes primarily to simulate a gun holster (at least from what I've seen that's what I get). Except instead of carrying firearms and ammunition, they carry your useful gadgets, ID, things of that nature.

I'll admit, some of the other models look cool and useful, and there is a model like the one pictured that actually goes around your waist (I still can't decide whether the chick is wearing it wrong or if it's the other model that looks the same) that doesn't look too terribly bad. However this particular model, would definitely make you look like a tool.

Their site is in all german, and I don't have too much info coming back from CeBit where these pictures were just taken, but if this is the basicHolster (programmers ought to like the naming convention) it costs 35.90 Euros with their most expensive holster being 49.90 Euro. They are available now, from their website, but you have to speak German.