UPS modular electric delivery trucks will deploy in London and Paris

UPS and Arrival, a UK-based company, have teamed up to launch 35 modular electric delivery vehicles. As with other electric vehicles, these modular delivery trucks will have zero emissions; Arrival says they'll also feature "advanced safety" and a 150-mile battery range. UPS plans to use the vehicles as a trial in London and Paris.

UPS announced the plans today, saying this is a step toward reducing its dependency on fossil fuels. "We are helping to drive demand for these disruptive technologies," said UPS's Luke Wake. "The result is a safer and cleaner fleet for the communities in which we deliver."

The company says it has been working with Arrival since 2016 to develop various prototypes. If everything goes as planned, the modular EVs will be deployed by the end of 2018.

Among other things, the UPS electric delivery trucks will feature an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) which helps reduce driver fatigue and provide a safer overall experience. UPS also teases the presence of a "highly advanced vehicle display."

This news follows UPS's announcement last month that it had installed a "radical new charging technology" at its London depot. That is part of the company's shift away from the traditional combustion engine toward technology better for the environment. The company has more than 9,000 vehicles in operation around the world.