Uplink Audio Strap System Makes Solar Panels Flexible Enough to Take Jogging

If you're someone who likes to run, whether for fun or exercise (or both), then you know that while headphones are currently the best way to take your music, or whatever it is your listen to, with you, there's always got to be options. And, thanks to this new concept, we can safely say that someone out there will probably be super excited about this. No, it's definitely not as light weight as, say, an MP3 player, or even as unobtrusive as headphones (like these were giving away, right now!), but this shoulder-pad looking device has its endearing features, too.

Truth be told, those arm straps that hold our MP3 player are pretty annoying after awhile, and depending on how you run, your in-ear headphones might not actually stay in your ear all that well. So, what should you do? You'll want to keep an eye on the Uplink Audio Strap System, which uses four ultrasound speakers to showcase your music as you run. As you can see from the image, it looks like the system would just go on your shoulders, and the flexible solar panels would contour to your body, hopefully making the whole thing comfortable enough to actually want to use.

As for those other features. It doesn't just play your music. It can actually connect to your mobile phone, too, so you'll be able to take and make calls while you're out there exercising. Or, if you're device has GPS on it, and it has the ability to tell you where to go, the system can be used for that, too. And thanks to those solar panels, the whole system should stay juiced for you on your run, no matter how far you want to run. Oh, and did we mention it can also charge your mobile phone, too? Because it can do that.

[via Ecofriend]