Updated Spotify app to bring ICS UI

Shane McGlaun - Apr 4, 2012
Updated Spotify app to bring ICS UI

Music loving Android fans have something to look forward to with an update in the works for the Spotify app according to rumors. Word surfaced yesterday that popular music streaming application was set to receive a significant update. The change is expected to include improved support for Android 4.0 with the ICS user interface included.

The user interface has been a sore spot for many users of the Android application since it launched. The current app works well on Gingerbread devices, but it has a rather uninspiring interface. There have been no updates for the Android Spotify app since last November.

Since this is a rumor right now, there are no hard details. So far, the rumor points to the major user interface update alone. We are holding out hope that some other new features will come as well and perhaps some new sharing options.

[via Android Community]

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