Updated Ouya game console gets tweaked controller and 16GB of storage

The Ouya game console is one of the biggest success stories to come from Kickstarter. The small Android game console racked up some huge money during its crowd sourced funding campaign to become one of the most successful projects Kickstarter ever saw. Since the project left Kickstarter, it has faced struggles getting traction on the market with gamers.

One of the big complaints that people who have purchased the console or used it have is with the controller. Ouya has announced a refreshed console that has some changes that may make the device more attractive to some gamers.

The new Ouya console gets the 16GB of storage that the limited edition white version we saw late last year offered. Ouya also says that it has "refined" the controller. Exactly what refinements were made are unclear.

The updated console also gets the latest firmware along with tweaks to WiFi. Those WiFi tweaks are to boost the signal, presumably giving it a better chance of having consistent connectivity. The new updated Ouya console will sell for $129 and is reportedly available now. The original 8GB Ouya for $99 is still available as well.

SOURCE: Kotaku