Update - Wal-mart did not place order for 2 million HD DVD players

Here's a brief update on the story we covered recently on Wal-mart ordering 2 million HD DVD players. Apparently it resides in the realm of fiction.

The company that Wal-mart was supposedly ordered the players from has come forth and corrected the story and said that Wal-mart hadn't actually ordered them yet. In fact, all Wal-mart did was ask for a cost analysis and asked how soon they could get them. As it turns out, the company never actually said that Wal-mart had placed the order, it was simply a rumor that got out of hand.

I really don't think it changes the situation a whole lot, when the rumor broke it stated that we wouldn't be seeing these $300 players until 2008 anyway. Who knows how far prices could fall between now and then?

Wal-Mart Shoots Down Cheap HD DVD Rumor [via pcmag]