Unreal wants you to mod dinosaur world with the ARK Dev Kit

This week the folks at Studio Wildcard and Epic Games have teamed up with Alienware to encourage creative folks to go wild in dinosaur-land. In the world of ARK, that is, a video game where the ancient world and the modern world mix in an absolutely wild open world environment. To begin, users need to sign up for a free Unreal account and download the ARK Dev Kit – which is no small task due to its size.

The ARK Dev Kit is a cool 42GB in size. It's massive. But it's worth the wait. Inside you'll be rolling around in code, aiming to create one of the following: New Maps, New Functionality, New Game Modes.

Inside the rounds you'll find prizing that includes cash as well as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 graphics cards, an Alienware X51 Desktop, and an Alienware Area-51 desktop. Creativity and originality are encouraged, as are the mod's "look and sound". The mod must also be fun to play, of course.

Creators will be working with Unreal Engine 4 – the environment in which this game was created – to make some next-level oddities. Have a peek at the game below if you've never heard of it before, and dive in.

VIA: @UnrealEngine