Unreal Engine 4.27 released with latest in-camera VFX tools

Unreal Engine 4.27 was released today with the latest set of In-Camera VFX tools and other virtual production features aplenty. This new build works with a new 3D Config Editor, nDisplay features newly organized into a single nDisplay Root Actor, and features that aim to make working with nDisplay both easy and potentially massively powerful.

This version of Unreal Engine ads multi-GPU support so that nDisplay can scale efficiently. Unreal Engine 4.27 adds OpenColorIO support to nDisplay as well. You'll also see improvements to the Virtual Camera system (redesigned user experience, added Multi-User Editing.) This update includes the ability to work with the new iOS app Live Link Vcam for virtual camera action.

To take advantage of the latest update to the max, there is a Unreal Engine ICVFX Production Test available for download for free. This is the In-camera VFX Production Test, and so long as you're already running Unreal Engine 4.27, it should work immediately.

Above you'll see some Unreal Engine 4.27 feature highlights from the folks at Epic Games. This is otherwise known as the Unreal Engine 4.27 Sizzle Reel. If you'd like to get more in-depth with the features available in this update, take a peek at the video below. There you'll find all manner of reasons why this upgrade is worth tapping the update button.

Other features included with this build include "significantly faster light baking", improvements to GPU Lightmass, an update to Path Tracer for "stunning final-pixel imagery made easy," and the additions of a few more pathways to "smaller, faster, better games" courtesy of the RAD Game Tools group joining Epic. This includes Oodle Compression Suite and Blink Video codec, both of which are now built in to Unreal Engine.

This update adds Stereo Layers, Splash Screens, querying Playspace bounds, and motion controller visualization, and more to the OpenXR plugin for VR and AR. Both VR and AR templates have been redesigned with "more built-in features and easier setup." Full release notes for this latest updates are available on the Unreal Engine release notes homepage now as well.