Unlocked Galaxy A51 in the US gets new colors, Premium Care option

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Perhaps knowing that even the US mobile market is falling on hard times, Samsung has begun more aggressively pushing its latest Galaxy A series phones into the spotlight. The Galaxy A51's mix of price and features have made it quite the hot item but those in the US may have had some reason to envy buyers who had access to more color options. Now Samsung is bringing those to the US as well and even throws in a Samsung Premium Care subscription for those who want it.

The Galaxy A51 has always been available in multiple colors, all beginning with the words "Prism Crush". For some odd reason, however, Samsung only made the Prism Crush Black color option available when it launched the phone in the US more than a month ago. Those who held off for aesthetics' sake may now try to take another look.

Samsung is now silently making available the Prism Crush White and slightly more interesting Prism Crush Blue colors for those buying unlocked models of the Galaxy A51. Buyers aiming for carrier-locked models, however, are still out of luck as Black is still their only choice.

Samsung is also bringing another thing it oddly left out last month: Premium Care. The good news is that if you already bought the phone, you can still avail of this $3.99 per month subscription. That gives you more coverage than the standard warranty and also lets you get 24/7 customer support priority.

The Galaxy A51 is by no means a high-end device but it has the right mix of features and design that makes it at least look the part. The $230 full price for an unlocked phone definitely helps its case and maybe one of the reasons it was one of the better selling phones in the first quarter of the year.