Universal Translator is More Science-Fiction Than Reality

Evan Selleck - Aug 20, 2010
Universal Translator is More Science-Fiction Than Reality

In most situations, when you look at a design concept, you’re supposed to get the sense that some day, at some point in the (perhaps distant) future, you’ll be able to get your hands on this. Just like we saw with Sony’s design for their Eclipse media management device. This one, though. Well, we can safely say that it’s really a concept. Not that it’s not cool — because it’s a great idea, but we’re just wondering if the designer had one too many drinks while they were watching their favorite Sci-Fi flick.

As you look at the image above, you’ll have to realize that that’s the whole thing. There’s no other peripherals hiding out of view. What you’re looking at, is a thin slice of glass, that’s meant to do a whole lot of things. For example, it’s a universal translator. That’s right. Somewhere in there, there’s all the languages in the world, used on a daily basis we imagine, and all you have to do is hold it, and get instant translations. You could just take the universal translator, and throw yourself right into the middle of some unknown country and be all right. That’s a relief, for sure.

It can also give you context-sensitive information about places, like gas stations and museums. So, you hold up that thin piece of glass to your eyes, look at something you’re interested in, and then it will give you all the relevant and interesting pieces of information about it. Like we said, a bit more science-fiction than anything else, but there’s nothing wrong with that. A little dreaming never hurt anyone.

[via Yanko Design]

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