Sony Eclipse Concept Design Offers Solar Powered Wireless Media Management

As far as concepts go, this one's sitting at the top of the hill, at least until it gets dethroned soon enough. Brought to you by Sony, the Eclipse is designed to give you a truly wireless, and eco-friendly way to manage –and listen to– your media. And considering we know we're not the only ones out there that hate wires, we imagine that something like this would be a smash hit.

The Sony Eclipse (that just seems to fit, for some reason) is designed to attach itself to a window, and utilize photovoltaic cells to harnass the power of the sun. In doing so, it's able to disregard the whole electricity thing in favor of a far more renewable energy way of life. It was designed by Hoang Nguyen, and he's labeling it as a new portable media player. We know that it's technically portable, sure, but we hope that if Sony does invest the money into making this thing real, they don't harp on that aspect of the media player.

It would obviously have a pretty sizable touchscreen. Other features include integrated WiFi, the ability to use some kind of auxiliary power when absolutely needed, and it will also have a USB port for good measure. So, how would the whole "management" part come in? They would let you sync your media from one device to another thanks to Bluetooth, but we imagine that you could figure out a way to do it via WiFi, too. No word on pricing, but considering that this is just a fledgling design concept right now, no surprise there. Hopefully we hear more about the Eclipse sooner than later.

[via The Design Blog]