Universal Music joins the crowdfunded vinyl record revival

While the idea of bringing back out-of-print record albums to new limited-edition runs isn't new, the fact that Universal Music is onboard with the overarching idea certainly is. What we've got here is Universal Music's bit of the business dedicated to vinyl moving forward with an initiative called The Vinyl Project. Bet you didn't know Universal Music had a vinyl arm, did you? They're called Uvinyl, and they're betting on the web.

While at this very moment there's no official comprehensive list of albums, it would seem that the company will be bringing titles large and small to the public. All the public has to do is dish out a few bucks in hopes that their chosen title will make it back to the presses. As The Vinyl Factory reminds us, the company known as Ninja Tune offers a rather similar service with Beat Delete, there offering up titles both new and old, all of them otherwise out-of-print.

NOTE: Earlier today a list of albums was released by Uvinyl that included such titles at Sonic Youth's Goo and Nirvana's MTV Unplugged. Instead of those titles needing votes, Uvinyl notes now that they'll be offered up through their regular channels. Whether or not that means they'll be pressed in vinyl is still up for questioning – though we wouldn't be surprised to see the physical platters appear by the end of 2013.

The actual "The Vinyl Project" will be launching "when the service is ready to launch" and not before. Imagine that. For the time being you can have a peek at Uvinyl itself to see the layout which we'll likely be seeing continue into the crowdfunding venture later this year.