United States Space Force reveals official name for troops

The United States Space Force has announced that after a year-long process, it has finally determined the name that its troops will be known by. Space Force soldiers will be known as Guardians. The process to choose that name was a year-long and waded through hundreds of submissions from space professionals and members of the general public.The USSF says that the opportunity to name a force is a "momentous responsibility." Officials within the organization say that Guardians is a name that has a long history in space operations. The term traces back to the Air Force Space Command's original command motto from 1983, "Guardians of the High Frontier."

The agency also says that the name Guardians will connect its proud heritage and culture to the mission it will execute every day, which is to protect the people and interests of the US and its allies. The United States Space Force may have only now settled on what it will call its soldiers, but it has already been hard at work. In September, Space Force approved SpaceX to launch Space Force payloads using previously flown Falcon 9 rockets.

In July 2020, the official US Space Force logo and motto were revealed. The motto chosen was "Semper Supra," meaning "Always Above." Space Force chose the Delta as a symbol and said that it was chosen in part to honor the heritage of the United States Air Force and Space Command. The Delta chosen has a silver outer border signifying defense and protection from all adversaries and threats from space.

The black area inside the silver outer border is meant to represent the darkness of deep space. A quartet of beveled elements inside the Delta symbolize the joint Armed Forces that support space missions. In the center of the Delta is a star, which is Polaris. It's meant to symbolize the core values guiding the Space Force mission.