Underwater Hilton Restaurant

Staff Editor - Dec 30, 2006
Underwater Hilton Restaurant

With a new underwater restaurant located off the coast of Antarctica, the Hiltons have opened up many visions of the future. While dining underwater, you can watch the beautiful sea life pass you by, while you eat their parents. The view that the large windows show the customers is breathtaking.

The Ithaa Undersea restaurant was built to serve the Maldivian-Western fusion audience of eaters. This restaurant will do this just fine, but with a view, and the Hilton price tag. Imagine looking outside at nature’s beauty while you are having a quiet dinner.

This restaurant may lead to the future of other new restaurants and possibly stores. I say good job to the Hiltons with their creative minds, and their look for improving standard above ground eateries.

Dine with the fishes at Hilton Maldives’ underwater restaurant [Via: Crave]

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