Underwater camera is bulky and low-res.

It would be easy for me to lambaste this wrist-worn underwater digital camera for a) being so bloody huge, b) only having a meagre pixel count (the 32mb of fixed internal memory can manage 360 pictures) or c) being intended for outdoors-types which, as a geek, intimidate me, but I'm not going to.  Because I'm sure there's someone out there desperate to take low-quality shots of wet people, fish, plantlife and water at a depth of up to 30-feet, but who can't afford anything more than the $79.95 being charged for this.

Y'see, it's the day after Boxing Day and I'm still suffused with a gently contended glow, so mediocre products have some leeway with me.  So all you need to know is that the Digital Hero Waterproof Wrist Camera weighs less than 12 ounces, is both shockproof and waterproof (obviously) with auto-exposure and timer.

I'd also like some credit for not making obvious fisting jokes based on that first picture.  Thanks.

Product Page [via The Red Ferret Journal]