Unboxing Samsung Propel Pro and the Impression phone

SlashGear was sent the new Samsung Propel Pro as well as the new Samsung Impression. Both phones feature full slide out QWERTY keyboards and 3.0 MP cameras. The Impression features a AMOLED display that looks beautiful from any angle, and the Propel Pro is a businessman's fashion piece with the metallic styling.

The Samsung Propel Pro hosts Windows Mobile 6.1, a 3.0 MP camera, and a full size slide out QWERTY keyboard. The OS is quick and snappy, but otherwise offers your standard WinMo user experience. It uses microSD to side load music and videos, and has GPS functionality. The real attraction appears to be mainly superficial with the glossy metallic outer casing. We'll have an in-depth review for you in the next few days.

Samsung Propel Pro for AT&T

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The most exciting phone coming out of AT&T right now is the Samsung Impression, featuring a beautiful 3.2" AMOLED display that looked absolutely amazing, even outside in direct sunlight. The 4 row QWERTY had the right feel to it, and was comfortable to use. I could definitely see myself using it to text and compose emails. The TouchWiz UI was snappy and responded very well. The gentle haptic feedback was a nice addition, and navigating the menus and homescreen widgets was simple and elegant.

Unboxing Samsung Impression for AT&T Wireless

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Keep an eye out in the next few days for our in-depth reviews and more photos.