Unboxing - Guitar Hero II for Xbox 360

I just got back from our local Walmart (we're not good enough for a Best Buy, or any other decent stores) where I grabbed my copy of Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360. There wasn't exactly a big line, it's a relatively small town, so it was expected. There were about 6 other people there waiting, but there were more than plenty to go around. Hit the jump for my first thoughts and some unboxing pics.

First, you get the basics, your guitar, strap, the game and of course, stickers. We got it plugged in and and started jamming, and I have to say, the graphics are just awesome. It's one of those things you just have to see for yourself to understand. The controller feels great. I think I like it better than the classic guitar.

Well, there are a lot of songs to play, and I'll have some footage up later of my brother and I rocking out and unlocking some songs. Look for it later today. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the pictures of our journey to Walmart and the unboxing.

That's my brother Eric, you'll see video of him rocking out with me later today.