UMID M2 in development: HSPA/WiMAX super-slim MID

Details of UMID's roadmap have emerged, which indicate the company's upcoming M2 follow-up to the recently-launched UMID M1.  According to a company proposal document, the UMID M2 will have a sub-3-inch display, and both HSPA and WiMAX connectivity, all in a slim, smartphone-style body.

It's unclear whether the UMID M2 will actually be a smartphone, or merely have VoIP functionality.  Meanwhile a second document suggests that the second version of the M1 will have a rotating convertible touchscreen display, apparently intended to make the MID more suitable for in-car use.  No word on specific release dates for either device, but the UMID M2 is obviously expected to go through the bulk of its development this year.

We caught up with the UMID M1 on a couple of occasions while at MWC last week, and though it's certainly a niche-interest product it has plenty to offer.  You can see our first video hands-on here, and our second here.