Ultra Street Fighter IV has a problematic PS4 launch

These days, games developers seem to have two options: delay a games release date until bugs have finally been fixed, or rush ahead with the release of a glitchy game. In Street Fighter, the timing of complex button-thrashing attacks can make the difference between landing a special attack and getting dropkicked to the curb. Ultra Street Fighter IV (USF4) has just been released for PS4, but fans are experiencing bugs ranging from display lag, to smeared visuals.

The versions of USF4 for other consoles haven't had these complaints. It's only this new PS4 release that is causing trouble. Fans are taking their complaints to the streets (AKA: Twitter). Reportedly, USF4 has a 8f lag and an input lag, as demonstrated by Display Lag on YouTube. There are entire message board threads with complaints, that hopefully the developers will look at, and get to work on patching the game, ASAP.

Additionally, users are reporting audio glitches, too.

Even the upbeat soundtrack can't distract from a lag and glitch that makes it impossible to throw a punch.

We can expect patches to come, eventually. Yet, the bigger problem is big game companies releasing broken games to users who pay premium prices for new releases. Why should a player run out and spend top dollar on a new game, if it is going to be an incomplete release? If it's a top seller, players can just wait for the Game of the Year version, which will be cheaper, possibly bundled, and without the newbie glitches.

Source: NeoSeeker