Ultra Spacestation - 6 bays for all your flash storage needs

This weird, weird card holds 6 really, really small USB flash drives. There are two versions, a 12GB version (6x2GB) and a 6GB version (6x1GB).

I don't know why any person in their right mind would buy something like this. From a corporate side of things I could see handing out free one and two gigabyte flash drives as business cards that also have data about you, your company, and/or the services or products both you and/or your company offer, but the chances of it getting lost or forgotten is high since there is no space to print a label on the individual flash drives.

I suppose you could use it for your classes, one drive for each class, or use it to back up your files one day at a time so you have all the revisions of the files in case you mess up, or, this is my last idea, if you are constantly having to install the same software on multiple machines, having 6 flash drives worth of the software would obviously make things faster, but if that was the case you could probably push it all out over a network and save yourself time and money. Other than those ideas and a few others I can't readily think of, I see no reason why a sane person wouldn't just buy a 12 or 6 GB flash drive instead of dropping $89.99 or $59.99 respectively on one of these sets of 6 flash drives.

[via ubergizmo]