Ultra 800W Power Supplies - More Juice For Your PC

As a Gamer PC enthusiast, it's frustrating not to have enough power from my PSU to overclock my CPU and power my SLI or Crossfire video cards. I wouldn't want to have less than 600W power supply for my machine, but is 600W really enough? Never say enough when you are trying to push your PC component into sugar rush. Ultra Products is introducing two 800Watt PSU, the X-Finity 800W PSU w/ Active PFC and the X-Pro 800W ATX PSU w/ Active PFC. Both PSU are made to power the latest and power hungry video cards by supplying a continuous 660W across their four 12V rails, feature Active PFC (power factor correction) and After-Spin Technology (that helps quiet the system and aid in prolonging the life of components), and are housed in sturdy anodized aluminum housing. Both of the PSU is retailed for $199.99.

[Ultra Products]