Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is free to keep on Steam, but you have to be quick

Normally when we're writing about free PC games, they're coming from the Epic Games Store. Every once in a while, however, developers and publishers will decide to give their game away through Steam, and that's precisely what's happening this weekend with Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. The game is free to keep on Steam at the moment, but you have to claim it quickly because this promo is only available for a few days.

Specifically, Steam users have until February 1st at 1PM EST to claim the game. As long as you do it before then, it'll stay in your library forever. There are some restrictions, as Steam suggests that supplies are limited and could run out before February 1st. The company also notes that free games don't drop Steam trading cards, but that probably isn't a worry for most folks.

As the name suggests, UEBS is less of a game and more of a simulator. In it, you're able to pit warriors from all different backgrounds and time periods against one another and see how the battle plays out across a variety of maps. For instance, you could pit a legion of chickens against a handful of trolls, or see if overwhelming numbers are enough to give a mob of Knights an advantage against World War 2-era US soldiers who are far better equipped.

This free promotion coincides with today's announcement of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2, which promises that players will be able to put millions of characters on screen at once. There's no release date for Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 yet – the developer, Brilliant Game Studios, says that it'll be out sometime this fall – but you can watch the announcement trailer for it above.

So, if you've missed out on Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator thus far and you want to see what all of the fuss is about before UEBS 2 drops later this year, this is basically the perfect chance. Be sure to claim it before February 1st, but otherwise, we'll keep an eye out for more information about UEBS 2.