Ultimate Ears UE-11 Pro's Aren't Bionic Ear Upgrades, But Priced Comparatively

Yeah they have four drivers in each custom molded ear-bud, but come on, $1150? They appear to be energy efficient too only costing you/your connected device 1mW of power for 110dB's of sound.

$1150!! I still can't stop obsessing over the cost of these things! Yeah sure, you can't even afford a physical system that included 4 subs, 2 mid ranges, and 2 tweeters for less than that, let alone being able to divide all that by two and then cram on half in each ear, but still.

They are available now I assume (for $1150 I better not have to wait) for the astronomical price of $1150. If I had to guess, you probably cant buy them from any retailer other than direct from Ultimate Ears. Oh yeah, and should you be able to afford a pair of aural-bliss's they also come in different colors and designs with the option of monograms as well. The exchange of cash for earphones might involve a Brink's truck, some heavily armed guards and a metal protective case for the merchandise.

$1150, Quad-Driver, Ultimate Ears UE-11 Pro Headphones [via Gizmodo]