Ultimate Ears Super.fi 4 Vi made specially for the iPhone

Its not like it would be hard to tell what they were made for as they have in-line media controls and a microphone built in. But its nice to see a pair of high end ear buds finally made for the iPhone that are offering up all the same features and the buds included with the iPhone.

So you have the Ultimate Ears, which are on par with Shure, maybe even a little better depending on how you ask, and you have the in-line controls, and then there is a microphone built in somewhere along the line, I don't think there is much more you could ask for. They are made from aluminum, and they use a single armature to give you the best possible audio experience.

Oh, and the in-line controls don't just handle the music functions, they also handle calls, well, at least as far as answering them and hanging up. You can get yourself a pair for $149.99.

Ultimate Ears Super.fi 4 Vi for iPhone [via i4u]