Ultimate Ears myBOOM 3 custom color speakers detailed for release

This week the folks at Ultimate Ears released the myBOOM 3 custom color speaker – with an online design studio to boot. Much like we've seen with speakers, controllers, and even smartphones in the past, Ultimate Ears wants to make the speaker design process personal. Users will be able to buy a custom-colored speaker for around $180 inside the USA starting this week, and the design of said speakers will take place online and at select T-Mobile USA stores in Chicago and Miami.

The customization process with the Ultimate Ears myBOOM 3 online is extremely similar to that of similar programs – like the Moto Maker for Moto X, for example. Motorola paved the way on that one. Much like that, the user has the ability to choose the color of each of several different components on the speaker, and they're able to etch a message into the side of the speaker – with an extended set of characters, even. It's all quite easy.

You can choose the color of the top and bottom of the speaker, the strap, the loop, the speaker grille, and even the very interesting... volume buttons. Those gigantic volume buttons on the side – you can choose how they look, too. In addition to flat colors, you can pick from several patterns for the grille, if you do so choose.

The Ultimate Ears myBOOM 3 speaker connects with Bluetooth and has the same power as the standard BOOM 3 speaker. There's a Magic Button, too! Have a peek at our August 2018 closer look at the Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 to see what this Magic Button is all about. It's mostly about pausing, playing, skipping tracks, playing a playlist from your phone, and more – depending on how and how many times you tap.

This system is compatible with the Ultimate Ears POWER UP charging dock, but users can choose to power the speaker up with a USB-C cord if they choose to stay slightly more old-school. This system is IP67 rated against water and dust – so don't take it deep sea diving, but an accidental splash in the pool should be fine.

The Ultimate Ears myBOOM 3 portable Bluetooth speaker was made available in the United States at the initial announcement of the product – today. It'll be made available around the world in the summer – or that's when Ultimate Ears expects it'll be made available anyway. Users will be able to head over to Ultimate Ears myBOOM Studio right about now – or in T-Mobile stores in Chicago and Miami.

The T-Mobile USA "Magnificent Mile" location at 700 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611 has one Ultimate Ears myBOOM 3 customization experience ready to roll. The T-Mobile USA store in South Beach at 738 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139 has another myBOOM 3 setup ready for users to take a peek. These are customization stands they've got set up – basically a computer in-store – but it's more fun there? We shall see.