Ultimate Ears introduces 18 Pro in-ear monitor

Shane McGlaun - Jan 14, 2010
Ultimate Ears introduces 18 Pro in-ear monitor

I have used consumer earphones from Ultimate Ears before and found them to be very good. The headphones I used from the company had great bass and sound quality. I bet the companies custom monitors for professional musicians would sound even better. Ultimate Ears has unveiled its new 18 Pro custom monitors today.

The 18 Pro monitors are the first set from the company to have six speakers inside the earpieces. The monitors will provide excellent sound quality and reduce ambient noise by 26dB. Ultimate Ears claims 75% of the worlds touring artists use their monitors.

The design uses six speakers with four-way crossovers. The earphones are tuned acoustically and electrically and feature patent-pending triple-sound channels and a low distortion cable. Each channel has a filter to keep frequencies separate. The 18 Pro monitors require a custom mold from an audiologist to be built. They sell for $1350 and for an additional $50 an ambient noise feature can be added.

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