UK Windows Phone users to get BBC iPlayer

Users of Windows Phone smartphones in the UK will soon have access to the popular BBC iPlayer service. So far, it appears that the iPlayer for Windows Phone users will be a UK exclusive leaving US users of Microsoft's smartphone operating system in the cold. iPlayer is available for other operating systems within the United States.

Exactly when the application will be made available to UK Windows Phone users remains to be seen. The only statement that comes close to offering a timeline from the BBC is "in the near future." BBC says that the player for Windows Phone devices will be available as a browser-based shortcut within its own Live Tile. The iPlayer won't be made available as a standalone app for Windows Phone users.

The BBC says that the shortcut to its iPlayer will work on Windows Phone 7.5 and 8 devices via a Live Tile. The statement came from the head of BBC Future Media Cyrus Saihan. He said that the shortcut would wrap the iPlayer mobile website together with its media player.

A spokesperson for the BBC said the offering for Windows Phone users is for paying subscribers in the UK only and no plans to make it available in the US have been made. Access to the iPlayer is currently available to Android, iOS, and BlackBerry users and to desktop users via browsers. The BBC says that over 650 devices can access the player at this time.

[via PCMag]