UK to Get Both 20 and 60 GB PS3s

Benjamin Nied - Jun 30, 2006

Despite earlier comments made by those crazy Sony executives that the United Kingdom would only receive the 60 GB Playstation 3, it appears that the British will receive both Playstation 3 configurations when the systems launch this November., while not quite an official source, has begun listing both models for purchase, though no additional details were given on their site. If this is true, it means that British gamers won’t have to pony up body parts to afford the high-end Playstation 3. Unfortunately, interested games don’t know how much the systems will run them, as British prices have yet to be announced.

To recap on the differences between the $500, 20 GB PS3 and the $600, 60 GB PS3 (aside from the obvious hard drive size differences), the 20 GB PS3 also foregoes the HDMI port (which will support HDMI 1.3 on the 60 GB version), the Wi-Fi 802.11b/g connectivity, and the four-in-one memory card reader. It’s been confirmed, however, that both machines will support Super Audio CDs (a Sony format that never really took off), Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD (for Blu-ray DVDs), and DTS surround sound. Sounds great guys, but could you please not charge an arm and a leg for games?

[via Reg Hardware]

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