UK streaming movie service LOVEFiLM heads to PS3

The number of movie and content offerings that can be viewed on the PS3 thanks to web streaming continues to grow every day. In the UK, a service called LOVEFiLM has revealed that it will be bringing its streaming movie content to the PS3 for UK fans.

Perhaps the best news for fans of the service is that it won't cost you any more to view the flicks over your PS3 than you are already paying for most plans. The PS3 service is free for all members on plans costing £5.99 and up. All the user needs to do is wait for the PS3 service to go live and then activate their account via the PS3.

Subscribers on the £5.99 with game package will need to upgrade to get an account accessible via the PC as will users on the cheaper £3.99 monthly plan. The exact day the plan will launch on the PS3 is unknown at this time.