UK pre-orders begin for Moto X Style and Moto 360 smartwatch

We've known all about the Moto X Style Android smartphone for a long time now. We had details on the new smartphone back in July and knew that it would be coming in the next few months. Fans of that device in the UK can now drop their hard-earned cash and pre-order the Moto X Style along with the new Moto 360 smartwatch to go with it.

In the UK, pre-ordering the X Play smartphone will set buyers back £399 for the standard 32GB version. If you want the larger 64GB version of the smartphone, you will need to cough up an additional £35 for the privilege.

We know the device will be offered with leather or wood backs, if you want that extra stylistic touch on your X Play device each back will cost you an additional £20. The light colored wood certainly looks good with the silver frame of the phone. Those in the market for the new Moto 360 can pre-order the 42mm men's version for £229.

The women's 42mm version will cost £259 with the 46mm version costing slightly more at £269. You can pay for the X Play or the Moto 360 right now in the UK, but delivery isn't expected to happen until at least September 29.

SOURCE: Motorola UK, Engadget