UK High Court orders BT to block Newzbin2 website for piracy

Pirates are rampant all around the world online. They stream music, movies, and TV shows and generally raise the ire of any association that seeks to protect copyright and get consumers to pay to view the content. Generally, when we talk pirates and legal battles we are talking about the US. Today there is some pirate stomping action going on in the UK. The UK High court has ordered BT to block access to a pirate website.

The website in question is Newzbin2 where unlawful copies of films and TV shows are made and distributed to users that download them. The site also offers pirated games and music as well with all the illegal traffic continuing despite a previous court order to stop. BT has said that the judgment of the High Court is helpful and provides clarity on a complex issue. ISPs like BT have long fought having to police the content shared on their networks.

The High Court previously told Newzbin to stop sharing the content. The original Newzbin site closed and went into administration to play damages and claims. The unknown owners of Newzbin then opened the site under the Newzbin2 domain and started distributing content again. Apparently, Newzbin2 has 700,000 members and a huge catalog of content for illegal download running thousands of pages.

[via WSJ]