UK backs internet of Things Project

The government in the UK is putting some money behind the Internet of Things project that seeks to help accelerate the connection of things and processes to the internet. Ten firms in the UK were each given £50,000 out of the Technology Strategy Board kitty for working on the project. The money granted is intended to be used to create apps and services needed for the project.

V3 reports that the Internet of Things would need a small chip to be placed on products. On that small chip would be details on the product that can be transmitted wirelessly to the person needing the details. I can imagine this being very helpful to shoppers and retailers since they could get details and perhaps track inventories easier.

The chips could be used on all sorts of products from mundane things like inventorying toothpaste or tracking tire pressures in a car. The uses are virtually unlimited for the tech. People involved with the project say that many businesses are unaware of what benefits the project could have for them. The tech could even be used to monitor environmental sensors and more. The ten firms in the UK to get funds from the TSB include AIMES Grid Services, BT, Cambridge Wireless, Focus Innovation, Globosense, Housing 21, In Touch, InteliTap, Swirrl IT and WattBox.

[via V3]