UFO spotted on flatbed was actually a military drone

Residents in a small community in Cowley County, Kansas got the thrill of the year recently when a flatbed trailer came driving down main street with what appeared to be a saucer shaped craft on the trailer. According to the local sheriff's office, the company that was transporting the craft asked for assistance since they had to move it over the ground.

The sheriff's office stated that they helped direct traffic and had to move some signs in a particularly narrow part of the road the craft travelled. The vehicle on the semi trailer was about 30-feet across and according to the sheriff, the transport on company asked that the craft not be spoken of any more than possible.

Later a Northrop Grumman spokesperson came forward and said that the craft was no UFO recovered at a crash site, but was one of two X-47B military combat drones that Northrop built for the Navy. The carrier-based drone was being transported with its wings in the folded position. With those wings unfolded, the craft is about 62-feet wide. The drone in question was heading to Maryland. Northrop says that flying unmanned aircraft in commercial airspace is frowned on so highway transport was chosen.

[via MSNBC]