UD Replicas TRON: Legacy Movie Replica Motorcycle Suits Now Available

Having a replica outfit from your favorite movie is still a trend, but it's one that's certainly picking up. And, while you may not have your very own Light Bike to race around your town, that doesn't mean you can't at least look like the characters riding those bikes in the movie. And, thanks to UD Replicas, you can now make your dreams come true. The company has created two different motorcycle suits, one for the Sam Flynn fans, and others for the Quorra fan base.

The suits, as you should come to expect from UD Replicas, are pretty fantastic in their level of detail. And, as usual, the suits are perfectly acceptable for the role they play. Both of the suits feature armor in the joints, back, legs, and arms. The suit will cover you from neck to shins, and they're are even boots that you can get for the total package. Unfortunately, there are ony 1,000 Sam Flynn suits being made, and only 500 of the Quorra suits, so you should act quick if you're interested. The Flynn variation will cost you $995, and the Quorra version will run you $899.

[via ChipChick]