UD Replicas to offer Wolverine motorcycle suit from X2 film

I really liked the X-Men films that were released in theaters. In fact, I have liked most of the films based on the cartoons and comic books of my youth. I might be a fan of the Marvel superheroes, but a grown man has to draw the line somewhere and dressing like a superhero on any day other than Halloween is crossing the line.

If you are extra geeky and think dressing like Wolverine would be cool, UD Replicas has your outfit. The company has announced that it is working on a replica of the motorcycle suit worn by Wolverine in the X2: X-Men United film. The replica is based on the actual suit used to film the movie and is licensed by Marvel.

The suit includes leather pants, jacket, and gloves. The gloves have Kevlar inserts in the palm and the entire suit is made from four different kinds of leather that is hand worked into the suit. Other features include CE-approved removable body armor and a formed muscle panel for the torso. The company is also working on a replica of the Iron Man 2 Mark V Suitcase suit for the films debut.