UD Replicas Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suit Takes Fandom To A New Level

Automotive is a rather quick growing category on not only our tech blog but the whole internet world's tech radar – and with products like this Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suit made of leather by UD Replicas for the real-life wearing and crashing in of bike riders everywhere, it's not tough to see why! What you're looking at here is two options for the Star Wars and moto-bike lover in your life, one classic white-shelled "Imperial white" stormtrooper and one black Shadow Trooper full set of grade-A cowhide leather. You won't find a fold out of place nor a detail undone here, folks, and you'll certainly be safer on your bike than a "real" stormtrooper is in the blaster pistol smoke.

UD Replicas have what they say is "setting a new standard in leather garment manufacturing" with their classic Star Wars imperial armor sets. And these aren't just costumes, folks, each set is totally strong as you need it to be – built-in CE-approved body armor keeping you protected from the elements including that ever-present pavement that you may be prone to slapping into should your speeder malfunction. Rebels are prone to make that happen when you're chilling on the dark side, if you know what I mean.

You've got adjustable biceps, thighs, shins, and forearm leather for a customized fit, and snap buttons on the cuffs and wrist zipper to keep you in a familiar space. You've got a removable quilted cotton lining, and a waist belt that's non-removable near the "cleverly" hidden main front zipper with three main access points for ease of use. The jacket and the pants zip together to make essentially a one-piece body suit, and the CE-approved bits include body armor in the shoulders, forearms/elbow, thighs and knee/shin armor, and a back spine protector. Each of these pieces are removable for day-to-day off-cycle wear.

This set will be available for purchase until the 31st of January, 2012, and delivery starts in the 2nd quarter of 2012 – prices are as such:


Jacket: $598.00 CDN

Pants: $329.00 CDN

Gloves: $89.00 CDN

Boots: $149.00 CDN


UD Replicas NOTE: Stormtrooper and Shadowtrooper Helmets by eFXcollectibles.com

Look like something you'll be picking up as a must-have fashion statement for the 2012 summer season? We think so!

[via ChipChick]