Ubuntu Prototype Showcases Face Recognition to Manipulate User Interface [Video]

For now, our computers are still generally accessed by the soon-to-be-old-fashioned keyboard and mouse. Even as touchscreens grow in popularity, we're still not losing our main points of input quite yet. But, that doesn't mean the PC has to stay in the "now" forever. Thanks to Christian Giordano, it's been revealed at the Canonical design blog that Ubuntu is currently in the process of creating a prototype that uses facial recognition, plus other sensors, to allow users all new ways to interact with their PC.

The prototype is within a future build of their Operating System, and utilizes facial recognition, as well as proximity and orientation sensors to tell where, and how you're sitting in front of your PC's display. The system will then react to your position, dependent upon what you're doing. For example, if you pop down to watch a movie, and you instinctively lean back in your chair, then the system will automatically put the video into full screen mode, so you can see it better.

Other features include full screen notifications, so that if you happen to walk away from your PC and you get notified of something, you'll be able to see it from another room, perhaps. Unfortunately, the company hasn't outlined when the prototype software will become publicly usable or available, but obviously after watching the video, we can't wait.

[via PC World]