uBreakiFix will drive to your house to fix Samsung, Pixel phones

uBreakiFix is already known for offering repair services for many smartphone brands and models but it really rose to fame when it became the only one, at least in the US, to be officially authorized as a repair partner. That meant that Pixel owners can simply walk into one of the hundreds of uBreakiFix centers nationwide instead of waiting for mail-in repairs. That, however, was before COVID-19 and the company now has a rather ingenious way to fix your phone without even having to leave your house.

Smartphones have become even more critical these days and a broken one has become an even bigger source of stress. In addition to anxiety over files and photos or missing out on communication, this year has added the complication of risking one's health to go out to get the device fixed. Mail-in repairs are, of course, always possible but that only prolongs the agony even further.

uBreakiFix's new mobile repair program, amusing called "We Come to You", takes the waiting, uncertainty, and risks out of the equation. Simply book an appointment and, on the same day, a repair technician will drive to your home, office, or preferred location to get your phone repaired right then and there. The company boasts it has already 640 vehicles deployed for this program across the US and Canada and are aiming to go over 700.

While uBreakiFix does service multiple phone brands, this mobile repair program is limited only to Samsung Galaxy phones, Google Pixels, and Apple iPhones. It also doesn't cover all types of repairs but only those that can be performed on the same day, like screen repairs and battery replacements. That said, the company does intend to expand the program to cover more devices and repairs in the future.

There is also a $30 service fee just to book an appointment. Despite the mobility of the service, uBreakiFix's We Come to You service is still limited to certain areas, specifically those that are within a certain distance from a uBreakiFix service center.