Ubisoft's Battle Tag passes FCC

Laser tag, many of us have memory of running around in dingy fluorescent mazes, finding the broken sensor vests that gave you a tactical advantage, firing around corners, and shooting your friends in the back. Yes, laser tag. Ubisoft just got FCC clearance for their computer-enhanced laser tag. There's hit points, ammo, virtual med-packs, and various game-modes.

The orange and black pistol is like the evolved form of the NES Lightgun bred with the pistol from VirtuaCop 4. It's connected to a flexible fabric vest with sensors on the chest, back, and shoulders. It's a far cry from the hard plastic rigs we used to strap on down at the electronic fun-center. These are significantly lighter and restrict mobility less. The little readout on the back of the gun will keep you up to speed on your virtual ammunition concerns and hit points.

Ubisoft is taking online orders already.

The FCC also posted a shot of the guts inside the gun. Cool.

[via Wireless Goodness]