Ubisoft unveils Drawsome tablet for Nintendo Wii

Ubisoft announced today a new peripheral for the Nintendo Wii called the Drawsome Tablet. The device lets users draw on the tablet using a stylus to interact with games. It appears similar to THQ's uDraw device, but is said to be a way for Ubisoft to test the market for Nintendo's upcoming Wii U console.

The overall form factor is very similar to the uDraw with a drawing surface, a place for holding the WiiMote, and a stylus, but the drawing surface is larger at 6.5 by 5 inches and it also lets players insert an image behind the surface for tracing. Players can also save and share files via a SDHC card slot.

Additionally, it supports up to four players in a way that's similar to how the Wii U has been demoed. One player uses the special peripheral while the other three uses the regular WiiMote. This similarity makes sense since Ubisoft has revealed that it expects the Drawsome Tablet to be a testing ground in developing for Nintendo's upcoming Wii U console.

The device will be available on December 6 and will come bundled with two games, the Drawsome Artist with some Smurfs content and the Drawsome Sketch Quest. However, pricing information has not been confirmed yet.

[via Gamasutra]