Ubisoft Sam is Alexa for gamers

Eric Abent - Jan 24, 2018, 12:44 pm CST
Ubisoft Sam is Alexa for gamers

Though we should be accustomed to Ubisoft making strange reveals by now, that doesn’t help make today’s announcement feel any less out of the ordinary. Ubisoft has revealed Sam, a new AI Assistant that lives within the Ubisoft Club app. Like Google Assistant or Alexa, Sam is there to answer some of the questions you may have on a day-to-day basis, though his scope is fairly limited.

Unlike Google Assistant and Alexa, Sam really only seems to care about one thing: games, specifically the ones made by Ubisoft. That won’t be much of a shocker when you consider who Sam’s makers are, but to hear Ubisoft explain it, it seems that Sam will actually be quite capable when it comes to the topic of the company’s games.

For instance, you can ask Sam when a particular Ubisoft game releases, and assuming one exists, ask it to see that game’s trailer. As we see in the trailer below, its Q&A capabilities expand beyond that, as it can assist you in buying new games from Ubisoft’s store or seeing what your friends have been playing. If you’d like to delve into such statistics, he can also tell you how long you’ve played a certain game and tell you how close you are to completing it.

Ubisoft wants Sam to be more than a Q&A bot, though, by having it analyze competitive matches you play online and give you tips on getting better. In the announcement today, Ubisoft says that Sam can even analyze why players might be struggling to win matches and then send them video tips that have been curated by the Ubisoft community. This expanded functionality is limited to only Rainbow Six Siege at the moment, but Ubisoft plans to expand it to more games in the coming months.

Sam, which is based on Google Cloud’s Dialogflow, is only available to beta testers in Canada in the moment, and it can only speak English. More regions and languages will come online soon, but if you happen to live in Canada and want to give it a spin, you can download the Ubisoft Club app from either the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store and sign up for the beta.

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