Ubisoft plans new Rabbids, Hungry Shark, and Watch Dogs shows

Brittany A. Roston - Oct 10, 2019, 6:20 pm CDT
Ubisoft plans new Rabbids, Hungry Shark, and Watch Dogs shows

French video game company Ubisoft has plans to launch some new animated shows based on its hit video games. The company has already seen success with its Rabbids-based animated hit, characters that will be the subject of a new upcoming special called Rabbids Invasion. As well, the company is planning another kid-friendly show called Hungry Shark and some other content targeting older viewers.

Ubisoft is no stranger to television adaptions of some of its most popular video game franchises. The game publisher has a subsidiary called Ubisoft Motion Pictures founded in 2011 that is in charge of bringing these new projects to fruition. Back in late 2016, news surfaced that Ubisoft was talking with Netflix about launching some of its original works on the streaming platform.

Fast-forward to late 2019 and Ubisoft has seen success with its animated hit Rabbids Invasion, an animated kid show made available on Netflix, Nickelodeon, and France 3. According to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter, that series will soon be joined by a Rabbids Invasion special set on Mars.

Joining that special will be another kid-friendly animated show called Hungry Shark based on the mobile game with the same name. Beyond that, Ubisoft also plans to produce a couple shows targeting older viewers, including a series based on Far Cry 3‘s ‘Blood Dragon’ expansion. This series will be called Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Vibe and it’ll be made for young adults.

Beyond that, the report claims viewers can also expect a ‘cybermystery’ designed for ‘tweens’ inspired by the game Watch Dogs. As expected, the company will adjust the show to be suitable for younger viewers — the game itself is rated ‘M’ for mature. That show’s title wasn’t revealed, but Ubisoft did reveal that it won’t be set in the Watch Dogs universe.

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