Ubisoft Loves The PS3s Blu-Ray And Hard Drive

In the past I've heard studios talking about how much of a pain in the ass it is to develop games for the PS3. Fanboys of the console hate hearing such remarks, so this little nugget of joy goes out to you. Apparently Ubisoft absolutely loves making games for the PS3.

During a recent interview, a member of the Ubisoft team was singing the praises of Sony's flagship console. "The hard drive and Blu-ray are making our life easy considering FC2 is an open world continuously streamed around the player. That streaming bandwidth and disk space is very appreciated. So, in terms of AI, game structure, physics, dynamic time of day, open world gameplay, dynamic weather system, destructible vegetation, all of those things where we had really pushed the envelope technically, they run well on PS3."

It's good to hear someone talking up the good side of the PS3, rather than focusing on the negative (from a development standpoint).

[via S-Times]