Ubersnap wants to print out your gifs (yes, they move)

Remember when you first watched Harry Potter, and practically all of the technology in the wizard world was just powered by whimsy? Old oil lamps, and quills made everything feel like it was set in the 1800's. However, the wizards had one interesting piece of tech that we muggles have yet to master. Printed copies of moving pictures. These were found in frames, and even newspapers, but we still have to resort to phones and computers if we want to see that sort of thing. But one company wants to change that.

There's an app for iOS that lets you create short, looping gifs, called Ubersnap. There are plenty of apps around that can do this sort of thing for you. However, this one has a small little twist. Once you've captured a gif that tickles your fancy, you can have it printed out for you. I know that probably sounds like some sort of great technological advancement, but you may be disappointed to find that the method has actually been around for a very long time.

When you send off for a copy, what you'll receive is a 3x3" lentacular print. Yes, the very same sort of lentacular print that would make "holograms" and moving images in your childhood. Like I said, the technology has been around for ages. However, it's a method that still works quite well, if you want to create a moving picture

The prints aren't exactly cheap, with a price of $10 for each one. The reason for the high cost is the fact that these are all made by hand, in-house by Ubersnap.

They're novel at best, but if you manage to capture the perfect embarrassing moment of your friend, or something adorable that your child has done, it might be neat to have a physical copy of it to show off.

VIA: Wired