Uber's NY manager hit with "disciplinary actions"

Earlier this month, BuzzFeed reported that one of its reporters, Johana Bhuiyan, had her Uber data accessed multiple times by the company's New York general manager Josh Mohrer. Following the claim, Uber said that it was investigating the incidents, and now it has revealed that "disciplinary actions" have been taken against Mohrer. The nature of that disciplinary action has not been detailed, however, and Slate reports that Mohrer will continue in his role as general manager. No other official details about the matter have been given.

This follows a month of bad press for the company, which largely caught the public eye after comments made by executive Emil Michael at a private dinner became public. Among those comments were suggestions that the company could dig up dirt on journalists that had given the company negative press. Michael later apologized for those comments.

The attention spurred Uber into posting its privacy policy, something that was soon followed by a letter from Senator Al Franken detailing his concerns about it all. In particular, the company's alleged "God View" tool has been called into question, with it being reported that Uber staff can access user data.

On November 20, Uber announced it had brought in privacy experts to conduct a review of its privacy practices. Those reviewers will work with the Uber team and recommend any "enhancements" they feel the company should make to help ensure user data remains private.