Uber's new in-app support replaces annoying emails

Email support is annoying — at least when you're calling, you eventually get to someone and know in real-time what's happening on their end. Email support, though, is time consuming and involves a lot of waiting and guessing. Enter Uber's newly transformed support system, one that is ditching email in favor of an in-app messaging feature that lets drivers and riders alike shoot off a quick note about their concerns.

Uber detailed its new support feature in a statement today, explaining that the email support system it rolled out years ago is no long adequate for its needs. For one thing, some of the markets Uber services have many riders who don't have email accounts, making such support inaccessible.

The new in-app support allows users (and drivers) to directly submit a request, concern or other issue to Uber's sprawling team of customer service representatives. According to the company, those who have already been using the feature report better response times and overall increased satisfaction with the method.

When a reply is received, users will see a push notification from Uber advising them of the change. As well, users can submit an issue through the app, but take it up on email later on. Uber will be rolling the feature out to everyone in the coming weeks, starting first with users located in the United States and going from there.