Uber's launching its food delivery service in NYC and Chicago

Food is an important part our lives, often extending beyond mere sustenance to serve as a notable touristy or social experience, among other things. Not all special meals have to take place inside of a restaurant, however, and Uber wants to make sure you've got access to them regardless of where you're at. Cue UberEATS, a food delivery service the transportation company has been testing in Barcelona and Los Angeles, and that it has now officially launched in both of those cities, as well as Chicago and New York City.

Uber made the announcement on its blog today, saying that those in all four of the aforementioned cities can now use UberEATS to order food and have it delivered by a driver on Uber's platform. This doesn't mean you'll be able to order food from anywhere, however — rather, Uber says that it curates "them so there's something for every taste."

As one example of what this means, Uber says that those in New York City this week are able to order an American Cut exclusive sandwich and have it delivered, among other options. The same sort of thing applies in the other areas where it is available. Formerly, at least in LA, this service was called UberFRESH.

For drivers on the system, it works the same way the platform works when picking up a rider, only in this case it is picking up a dinner and dropping it off elsewhere. Those in regions serviced by UberEATS will see an option in the app called EATS that can be used to place food orders (which are typically delivered within ten minutes).

SOURCE: Uber Blog