UberCENTRAL lets companies book and pay for customer rides

Uber makes it possible for individuals to get to wherever they're going whenever they want rather than on a specific shuttle or bus schedule. Still, there are those who can't easily use the service for one reason or another, such as an elderly individual who may not own a smartphone or be comfortable using the mobile app. To help fill that void is UberCENTRAL, a central hub for companies to order rides for their customers and clients.

UberCENTRAL is targeted at any sort of company or organization where ordering rides may be necessary or welcomed. For example, a medical organization that caters to the elderly can use UberCENTRAL to order cars for their patients, providing them with a way to get to and from the facility. Hotels could also use the service as a perk, bulk ordering cars for residents who need to get around but don't want to rent a car.

The app supports ordering multiple cars at once from the same account, as well as the various types of Uber service (when applicable), setting a pickup location, providing the rider's name and phone number, and the destination location. When a car is ordered on behalf of a rider, that rider will get a text message with their driver's details, meaning even those without smartphones can use it.

While the service is a way for companies to better cater to customers and cover all aspects of their visits, it can also help improve the efficiency and cost for certain types of organizations. Doctors offices, for example, may benefit from ordering a patient an Uber car rather than having to reschedule their appointment at the last minute due to a missed bus or other transportation issue.

UberCENTRAL is available in Canada and the United States.