Uber will soon use tech to make sure drivers are wearing face masks

Uber has approved a new policy that will require all of its drivers in certain countries to wear face masks, according to a new leak. The sources claim that Uber is developing a new type of technology that monitors drivers to ensure they're wearing the masks as instructed; Uber confirmed such plans but didn't elaborate on the system. It wouldn't be the first time the company has used tech to monitor its drivers.

Guidance on wearing face masks varies by country and state, ranging from mandatory when in public to mandatory in only certain circumstances. Many stores have started requiring its employees to wear face masks while at work and many people in the general public have started wearing face masks when around strangers.

Uber executives recently approved a new policy that will require its drivers to wear face masks while working on the platform, according to a new report from CNN. The leakers claim that the new requirement will be officially deployed to drivers at some point in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, the leak alleges, Uber is developing a new technology that will monitor drivers and detect if they're not wearing a face mask while live on the company's platform. This would be the first time Uber has monitored its drivers — it already has a real-time ID checking feature that requires drivers to take a selfie in order to verify their identity.

It's unclear how the face mask-detecting system would work, however; a selfie-based verification system wouldn't be useful for the simple reason that drivers could put on a face mask before taking the selfie, then remove it again once the selfie has been taken. Uber confirmed to CNN that it is working on some type of face mask detection system, though it didn't provide details on how it will work.

It seems that Uber plans to send its drivers — or some of them, at least — face masks to wear, but even if a driver doesn't receive one, they'll still be required to cover their face in some way, even if it's just with a bandana.