Uber wants to recruit your grandma as a driver

Uber, at least until autonomous cars dot the landscape, needs drivers. It has already hawked its driving perks at teachers, stay-at-home moms, poor college students, and anyone else who wants extra money and has a decent car. Now the ridesharing company has partnered with Life Reimagined, an AARP non-profit subsidiary, to dangle its driving "partnerships" at the organization's members. Uber will be making appearances at some Life Reimagined events, among other things, targeting "Americans over 40".

Life Reimagined is a service from AARP that provides things like online programs, local workshops and events, conferences and summits, and more for the nation's aging population. Uber is targeting those individuals with its "economic opportunities", hoping to earn itself a larger roster of drivers.

Uber's chief advisor David Plouffe said regarding the partnership, "Uber is used by many people over 40 to supplement their income ... we are thrilled to work with Life Reimagined to spread the word about this opportunity to their members throughout the US."

It seems Uber is accepting sign ups through Life Reimagined, as it says those who sign up through the organization and complete ten trips will be given a $35 incentive — enough to cover their first tank of gas.